Girls Varsity Bowling · Girls Varsity Bowling Advances to Districts!

The Middletown Girls Varsity Bowling team will extend their season by competing in the District Championships next week!

The team will advance after they made the cut bowling in the Sectional tournament today at Crossgate Lanes! The oil pattern was tough today and the girls struggled picking up their spares. There aren’t too many high scores to mention, but Freshman Emily Cupp bowled a 181 game, Senior Crystal Kroener threw a 166, and Senior Abi Blandford shot a high game of 160!

After the individual games, the girls were sitting in 8th place. There were 16 teams at the tournament today, and only 7 teams make the cut and move on. Between 4th place and 9th place, there was only 63 pins separating the teams, so it was anyone’s chance to make the cut! The girls started the Baker round with a couple of low games, picked it up to shoot a 148, then a 176, another low game, and finished with a 159. We thought we had just barely missed the cut, but things changed inside the tournament office. They had us missing the cut by 50 pins, which we knew was wrong, so we asked them to double-check our Baker scores again. They had us down for a 126 where we shot our 176, and after fixing the mistake, we were tied with Lakota West for the last spot!

To break the tie, a 9th & 10th frame roll-off is done between one bowler from each team. The Middies chose Senior Abi Blandford, and Lakota West chose Junior Tai Cumberland. They won the coin toss and chose for Abi to bowl first. Abi steps up and pounds the pocket for a strike on her first ball! Tai threw a 1-2-10 “split”, and picked it up! Amazing shot! In the 10th frame, Abi bowled a 6-count, picked up the spare, and then threw another strike! Middies total was 40 pins. Tai rolled a good first ball in the 10th frame, but didn’t strike, she picked up the spare, and then shot another strike. Lakota West’s total, 39 pins. The Lady Middies advance by just 1 pin! Great job Abi!

The team would like to congratulate Lakota West on a great showing today at the Sectionals Tournament! You did a great job! Keep your heads up!

The District Championships are next Wednesday, February 28th at Beaver-Vu Bowl in Beavercreek!

Great job Middies!