News · Middletown Athletic Facilities and Workouts For The Summer

The Middletown City Schools facilities will not be open for outside district organizations. Due to the strict restrictions set by the State, it is the best interest of the district to not rent facilities at this time. The track is open to the public, but we ask for there to be no large gatherings on the turf. Please note that when the Middletown School teams are practicing, the facility is CLOSED to the Public.

The Middies have now moved into Phase 2, these are the steps we are taking to stay safe: (Phase Two to start on June 15th)


Pre-Workout/Contact Screening:
• All coaches and students should be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a workout, to include
a temperature check. Please see the sample OHSAA COVID-19 Monitoring sheet provided.
• Responses to screening questions should be recorded and stored for contact tracing purposes if a COVID-19
infection occurs.
• Any person with positive responses on the screening should not be allowed to take part in workouts
and should contact their medical provider.
• Vulnerable individuals should not oversee or participate in any workouts during Phase Two.


Limitations on Gatherings:
• Gatherings should not consist of more than 10 people at a time inside. Up to 50 people may gather
outdoors for workouts.
• If locker rooms or meeting rooms are used, there should be a minimum distance of 6 feet between
each individual at all times.
• Indoor workouts should be conducted in “pods” of students with the same 5-10 people (including coaches).
Smaller pods should be utilized for weight training.
• There should be a minimum distance of 6 feet between each individual at all times. Appropriate social
distancing should be maintained on sidelines and benches. Consider using tape or field paint as a guide
for students and coaches.


Facilities Cleaning:
• Adequate cleaning schedules should be created and implemented for all athletic facilities.
• Prior to an individual or group entering a facility, all hard surfaces within that facility should be wiped down
and sanitized. Hard surface examples include but are not limited to chairs, furniture, locker rooms, weight
room equipment, bathrooms, and training tables.
• Individuals should wash their hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap before touching any
surfaces or participating in workouts.
• Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to individuals.
• Weight equipment should be wiped down thoroughly before and after each individual uses the
• Shirts and shoes should be worn at all times.
• Any equipment such as weight benches, athletic pads, having holes with exposed foam should be covered.
• Students should be encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon returning


Physical Activity and Athletic Equipment:
• Lower risk sports practices may resume.
• Modified practices may begin for Moderate Risk sports/activities.
• There should be no shared athletic towels, clothing, or shoes between students.
• Students should wear their own appropriate workout clothing, and individual clothing/towels should be
washed and cleaned after every workout.
• All athletic equipment, including balls, should be cleaned intermittently during practices and between
• Hand sanitizer should be readily available.
• Maximum lifts should be limited and power cages should be used for squats and bench presses. Spotters
should stand at each end of the bar.


• All students should bring their own water bottle, and water bottles should not be shared.
• Hydration stations (water fountains, water troughs, etc.) should not be used.



If you have any questions please contact athletic director JD Foust.