News · Governor’s Update on 7/7/20- What does this mean for Workouts?


Today’s order mandates everyone in Butler County ( Also Hamilton County) to wear mask at all times. In his order he stated that contact and non- contact sports will resume as is. The athletes must wear mask to and from practice, but while participating they are not required to. Only change to athletics is that staff, players, and trainers must test before any travel and competitions until July 15th. We are not competing with outside teams and all camps have been cancelled, so there will not be any required testing for the Middies at this time.

The Coaches and Trainers have been doing a great job at providing a clean and safe environment for our athletes, and we will continue to do so. We will continue to log in each athlete and coaches will wear mask at all times. If any players leaves the State of Ohio for vacation or competition, they are required to quarantine for 14 days or provide a negative test before returning to practices.

Fall Sports are still scheduled to start on August 1st, so we are doing everything in our power to keep your kids safe and ensure they are ready for the fall season.


What Does This Mean For The Middies Moving Forward:

1) We continue to monitor the athletes as we have been.(Checking Temperatures!!)

2) We have the student-athletes sign a liability release form to be able to participate.

(They must be signed and returned to coaches or they can not continue to workout.)

3) Coaches and trainers are still required to wear the face mask. Student required to wear mask to and from, but not during practice!!!

4) Continue intra-squad practices and competitions. 

5) NO outside teams or players allowed in scrimmages.( No 7 on 7, Outside Team Scrimmages or Open Gyms)

6) Will continue to wipe down equipment after practices.

7) Athletes must bring their own water supply and mask everyday.

8) Restrooms will be open.

9) Continue 6ft social distance when not involved in drills.

10) Still no spectators allowed in the indoor sports. Outside spectators are allowed but must keep social distance and MUST  have a face covering. (Not allowed to interact with kids during practice time)

11) Still No large gatherings before or after practice.



We will get through this together!!!