College Recruiting 101

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Guide For College-Bound Student-Athletes

NCAA Initial-Eligibility

you will need 16 core courses as outlined below:

4 years of English
3 years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher)
2 years of natural/physical science (one must be a lab science)
1 year of additional science, math or English
2 years of social studies
4 years of additional core courses (they can be from any listed above or from nondoctrinal religion or philosophy or foreign language)

ACT or SAT Scores:

The “sliding scale” used by the NCAA now allows a higher core GPA to reduce the SAT component. A 2.5 core GPA will still need a 820 SAT score, a higher core GPA of 2.75 will need a 720 SAT score, a 3.0 core GPA will only require a 620 SAT score and a 3.55 core GPA will just need a 400 SAT score. The NCAA has stated that their research now indicates that core class grades were the best indicators of academic success during a student-athlete’s freshman year.

ACT/SAT Scores—Generally speaking, the minimum ACT score for DI NCAA eligibility is a 75 sum score, while the minimum for the SAT is a 900. For DII NCAA eligibility, you must receive an 840 SAT or a 70 ACT.


Parents and Student-Athletes,

You may create your own personal website through the following affiliate page set up specifically for your high school.  When you create your site through this link it will allow your coaches and administrators to view your personal webpage and have access to your information.  This is designed to allow the coach to assist you in your college pursuits.

Simply open this site on the internet and create your own username and password protected website: Dynamite Sports

Right Fit Sports

As a member of RightFit Sports you will have the ability to create your personal resume/portfolio, search colleges and store notes, obtain financial aid information, add video and transcripts, contact college coaches, access a library of information including SAT/ACT information, NCAA and recruiting information and financial aid information and much more.  You will also receive reminders from RFS including sport specific recruiting calendars, financial aid notices and tips regarding the recruiting process and getting exposure to colleges.




NCAA Clearing House (Athletes Must Do Before Junior Year)

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Clearing House (NAIA)


 I.Steps to Achieving Your Eligibility FRESHMAN and SOPHOMORES.

•   Start planning now!!

•   Work hard to get the best grades possible.

•   Take classes that match your school’s NCAA list of approved core courses.

•   You can receive your school’s list of approved core courses at



•   At the beginning of your Junior year, register at and complete the amateurism questionnaire.

•   Register to take the ACT, SAT or both and use the Eligibility Center code (9999) as a score recipient.

•   Double check to make sure the courses you have taken match your school’s NCAA list of approved core courses.

•   Ask your guidance counselor to send an official transcript to the Eligibility Center after completing your Junior year. (The Eligibility Center does NOT accept faxed transcripts or test scores).

•   Prior to registration for classes for your Senior year, check with your guidance counselor to determine the amount of core courses you need to complete your senior year.


•   Take the ACT and/or the SAT again. The Eligibility Center will use the best scores from each section of the ACT or SAT to determine your best cumulative score.

•   Continue to take college prep courses.

•   Check the courses you have taken to match your school’s NCAA list of approved core courses.

•   Review your amateurism questionnaire responses and request final amateurism certification on or after April 1st(for fall enrollees) or October 1st(for spring enrollees).

•   Continue to work hard to get the best grades possible.

•   Graduate on Time, (in 8 academic semesters). If you fall behind, use summer school sessions prior to graduation to catch up.

•   After graduation, ask you guidance counselor to send your final transcript with proof of graduation.


II. Eligibility Center Registration

a. Complete the Student Release Form

•   To register with The Eligibility Center, you must complete the Student Release Form and amateurism questionnaire online at the beginning of your Junior year and send The Eligibility Center the registration fee ($60 for domestic and $85 for international students).

•   The ONLY method is to register on-line at

•   Pages 17 & 18 of the guide will inform you of the entire process in detail.