Middie Athletic Hall of Fame

Middletown Athletic Hall of Fame


To recognize and honor individuals who have made significant athletic contributions to Middletown City Schools.  The Middletown Athletic Hall of Fame (HOF) will serve to heighten school pride and reinforce what it means to be a Middie.



  1. Must have outstanding past record in athletics while a student at Middletown High School.
  2. Must have exhibited sportsmanship, character, and good citizenship on and off the field of play during high school years, as well as after graduation.
  3. Must have graduated at least Five (5) Years prior to award.
  4. Must not be a member of the Selection Committee when considered for induction into the HOF.
  5. Must be retired before coaches, administrators, or athletic directors may be considered for membership because of their contributions to the Middletown High School Athletic Program.
  6. Must have Nomination/Information Forms on file before a person may be considered for membership into the HOF.


Screening and Selection:

  1. The HOF Committee will select a maximum of twelve candidates for induction into the HOF.
  2. The HOF Committee may also induct an Administrator and/or Coach and/or Contributor and/or Fan if candidates are deemed eligible.
  3. Candidates shall be selected by vote using the Points System.
  4. Statements 1 and 2 guidelines for the HOF Committee, however if the HOF Committee at some point in time feels a need to change the guidelines, such changes may be submitted to the HOF Committee for approval.



  1. An appropriate award will be selected by the HOF Committee to be presented to the inductees and to Middletown High School to be displayed.



  1. The date, time, place, and type of presentation will be determined by the HOF Committee.


Hall of Fame Committee

The Middletown Athletic Hall of Fame committee consist of the following members:

Greg Armstrong (HOF ’12)

Rick Burns

Rick Combs (HOF ’04)

John Fraley (HOF ’98)

Emerson Langster (HOF ’13)

Tammy Fisher McMonigle (HOF ’13)

Anna Pruett

Tim Pruett

Jim Randall

Scott Spradling (HOF ’05)




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