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Dear Middie Supporters,

Middletown Athletics are on the move, and moving in the right direction.  Over the past year the program has made great strides.  There is much optimism that the future looks even brighter.

The participation level has increased in all sports at all levels.  There is enthusiasm and support from the administration, coaches, athletes, and parents.  It is now the mission of the Athletic Department to upgrade equipment, facilities, and uniforms to a level consistent with GMC schools, thus allowing us to compete at the highest level against our competitors.

Our coaches are working hard to cultivate relationships with the athletes, parents and alumni to make the Middletown Pride Plan a reality.  The goal is to establish trust, a strong work ethic and create an environment where all can succeed.  It is indeed exciting to observe the transformation.

The Athletic Department is committed to strengthen the feeder programs and add encouragement and support at the Middle School designed to impact ultimate success at the High School.

The Athletic Department and the athletes in the Middletown Schools need your help to translate your success into their success.  Athletic success means much more than wins and losses.  Athletics teaches the spirit of competition, team building skills, commitment, self-esteem all while invaluable traits for lifetime lessons after High School.

Please consider being a major player in the Middies Future.  With your support we can make great things happen for Middletown Athletics.



JD Foust, CAA

Director Of Athletics


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