Athletic Forms/Handbooks

All forms for Athletics are now completed online on Final Forms, except for the OHSAA Pre-Participation Form (AKA Sports Physical).  Refer to the “Register Online for Sports” Tab to register online.

1) OHSAA PHYSICAL FORM 2019-20 Click here to download:

2) Middietown Middie Athletic Handbook. Click here to download the handbook: Middie Way Handbook 2018-19

3) Middietown Middie Coaches Handbook.  Click here to download the handbook: COACHES HANDBOOK 2018-19.doc

4) Based on recent changes to legislature in the State of Ohio, students who are at Non-Public, Charter/Community Schools, or who are Home-Schooled have the opportunity to play athletics at the public school system they reside if there current school does not offer the program.  To be considered to be eligible for participation at Middletown Middle/High School, complete the appropriate form below and return to the Athletic Director before the start of the season.